Find the Expiry date of a Gas cylinder.

gas cylinder expiry date.
Today many of homely accidents happen because of the Cooking gas !!
I have ever wonders that do they have expiry Date ??
Yes they do !! 

I have found it on the internet while i was just browsing through
And Expired gas cylinder's are very Dangerous ! Please check the weather it is expired or not before accepting from the vendor. 

Here is how to check the expiry date of a cylinder, 
Find out a code printed on the one of 3 Stem's of the cylinder
The expiry date is coded alpha numeric, 

Gas cylinder Expire at December 2013
It may Start with A, B, C, D and follows by some two digit number,
Eg : D13
A stands for the first quarter of the year ( Jan, Feb, Mar,)
B stands for the second quarter ( April, May, June)

C stands for third quarter ( July, August, September)
D stands for forth quarter ( Oct, Nov, December) 
& 13 Stands for 2013
The cylinder shown above will expire on forth quarter of 2013
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2 comments on "Find the Expiry date of a Gas cylinder."

  1. Just to be clear, cooking gases don't expire. Its the cylinder that does expire. Because metal rusts over time causing the mass of the alloy to slowly expand and make the gas cylinder go lighter. And when that happens, the gases will find these "expanded" holes and leak out. Hence, it is dangerous to cook with these on since its also considered as gas leaking. Good info though.

  2. Thr is D-20 written in my cylinder
    how can it be possible?