OMG !!! School reopen's Tomorrow ! :(

School reopens Tomorrow !! Now became lazy to go there, I even thought If the world end tomorrow ! Anyway school, Friends, Gf, When thinking of them i can't wait to go to school, and most of the time of my life is burning away.

Now when thinking of school, The first thing that comes to my mind is Answer paper's of x-mas exams,, Another fucking shit , Oh , god why all these happens to me !!
I will fail , sure
The exam was so fucking !! We all were Sleeping in the hall !! Hee!! Hee !!!

Well my comment is 
if i fail the fucking exam, i think i will die 
i already feel like i have failed omg 

i dont know how to study for it 
i hate that subject and curse it to hell
i dun understand the fucking teachers why are around me !!! 3:)

i hate such teachers 
why can't they Understand us !!!! 

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