X-mas celebration in Our School !!

This article is about the day we had in the 1st day of 2013, In our school
Happy new Year all!!!
This was the Perfect day!! We have been celebrating our christmas  with our friends !! In our school.

OmG !! it was horrible there, We have conducted the function in our class, invited our principal and all other staffs, I was selected to wish them all happy christmas & New year & my best pal zion amal  was been pointed to the thanks speech, It was my turn first, i walked to there Everyone was laughing at me, I walked on by a great attitude, Amazingly i delivered my speech with no mistakes,

I have thought of doing more , But it's the best i can , My friend's ,Gf , Teachers, Everyone was laughing at me, Or may be on the style i talked in front of them, Yea, My Gf, We're on the target of all,  Later on it was zion's turn, It was better than mine .. Lolz ..!!!!!!! 
we were like joker's there !!!
On the same either it was a bad day, Got exam paper's :(
My gf, Her marks on maths was a bit higher than me,,  Lots of  prank from her !! :( 

That created a bit disappointment, programs continued,
Some had sang songs, Done mimics, 
Teacher's went out, our time to eat.!!

It was a freeky party there !!! Enjoyed a lot !!
oh ! in morning our PTA President came in to our class, For counciling us :P !!!
I can't have words on describing him!! 

His words were " Not to destroy items in your school Cambound, "
A man who don't know english properly . 

Well After that, Time to go Home!
Bus stop!! our usual Blah Blah Blah !!
Heee!! Love them all !!!!!

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