Unboiled an Egg - Genius is'nt he ?

Recently i heard a news that a french chemist unboiled an egg ? It seems to be unbelivable is'nt it ? Rather i had'nt believed since i have searched all over the internet..
Hervé He is a really popular physicist in France who loves the art of cooking and exploring different avenues regarding sustenance. His   books are smash hits, and has a voyaging presentation that is dependent upon his work and shows up on TV and radio. He has made it his life mission to uncover the investigative riddle behind cooking. Foodstuffs to him are 'concoction mixtures': “When aromatic compounds are formed on the surface of a roast, they are the result of a chemical reaction. When mushrooms turn black after being chopped, it is the fruit of a chemical reaction.”

He clarifies that: ... To "uncook" the egg, you have to withdraw the protein atoms from one another. By including an item like sodium borohydride, the egg gets fluid inside three hours. For the individuals who need to attempt it at home, vitamin C additionally does the trick.

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